Academia Liberti is a School for studies in different areas supporting the human and the horse. It is a place, where you study about yourself and about horses from a completely different perspective than it is usually taught in the traditional horse world. We are a unique school for the advanced horse people and therapists, with the extraordinary tools to help the human and the horse in their development and who act ethically correct for the wellbeing of the human and the horse. True teaching, training, development and healing are impossible, if one of the involved parts is forced into the participation. We can reach the horse and we can heal only when we respect the free will of each creature.

Our educational program offers Courses for becoming professionals in a number of specializations: AL High Equine Education and Training on the Base of Free Will, AL Trifolium Developmental and Healing Method (AL Cura — based on Gestalt therapy and AL Spiritus — spiritual development and therapy), AL Holistic Species Optimal Living Conditions of Horses, AL Holistic Horse and Hoof Care, AL Children Meet Horses Course. 




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  • Re: Spiritual awakening >>

    Wouw, Lisette, what a courage! You are very right, we need to listen to our heart and choose and do things we really stand for! Sometimes it demands a huge change and it is everything but easy but it ...

  • Re: Series of articles for first help in emergency cases >>

    [center:c96fee0k][size=150:c96fee0k][b:c96fee0k]Colic[/b:c96fee0k][/size:c96fee0k][/center:c96fee0k] For the better understanding of colic and its causes and also about appearing of other diseases an...

  • Re: Spiritual awakening >>

    About two weeks ago I had an infection in my right hip. Not possible to walk, to go to my work and even not able to go to my horses!! I asked myself why this was happening. According to my husband I'v...

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Pasture and Grazing - the main source of food for horses

by Maksida VogtThere are many theories regarding proper diet for horses. Many, of these theories, are of the opinion that feeding of horses is to be designed depending on the breed and lifestyle. It i...